Candlemaking - Wick Placement...

A quick and easy way to position your wicks in your jar/container is to use a hollowed out Bic pen.

  • Create Your Pen Tool - Simply take the pen apart so all you have is the outside plastic shell. Trim off the ends so you end up having a hollow cylinder shape. Make sure your pen ends up being at least 1" shorter than your wick.

  • Prepare Wicks - Add your wick stickers or glue to the bottom of your wick tabs. Thread the wick up through the hollowed out center of your pen until the wick tab meets the bottom of the pen. The wick should be sticking out the top so you can hold it in place with your fingers.

  • Place Wicks in Jar/Container - Guide your wick into your jar with the wick tab facing the bottom of jar. You can set your wick in place and firmly press on the end of the pen so your wick sticker will adhere to the bottom of your jar.

This little trick will enable you to easily fasten your wicks in place without trying to fit your hand in the bottom of the jar.

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