Candlemaking - No More Fragrance Oil Waste...

A great way to measure out your fragrance oils without having to waste a single drop is to pour it directly into your melted wax mixture. You will need to purchase a scale with the "tare" feature in order for this to work.

  • Add Wax to Pour Pot - Weigh and melt your candle wax in your pour pot using either the double broiler method or your Presto Pot.

  • Add Additives or Dye - Add your additives (if using any) and dye to your melted candle wax.

  • Place Pour Pot on Scale - Place your pour pot containing your melted wax, additives (if using), and dye (if using) onto your scale. Press the "Tare" button to zero the scale out.

  • Add Fragrance Oil - Now that the scale is zeroed out you can pour your fragrance oil directly into your pour pot instead of pouring it into a glass and then repouring into your pour pot.

Use this great tip, and you won't waste a single drop of fragrance oil, which will save you a lot of money in the long run. Plus it's one less glass you'll need to clean up.

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