Candlemaking - Easy Wick Centering...

Here is a quick and easy way to center your wicks by creating a jar template, whether you are single wicking or double wicking. This will also work with hexagon or other shaped jars.

  • Trace Your Jar - You can use regular paper or a thick cardstock, whichever you prefer. Simply place your jar on the paper and trace it.

  • Find the Center - Find the center of your traced jar by drawing a horizontal line and vertical line that is centered. The point where the two lines meet is your center.

  • Trace Your Wick - If you are single wicking, simply place your wick in the center of your paper and draw a circle around the wick tab. If you are double wicking, then make sure you keep your wicks at least 1" apart, but try to also keep them 1" from the sides of the jar.

Here are some single and double wick template examples (not shown in actual size):

Candle Templates

  • Trim Your Template - I found the template is easier to work with if it's cut into a square shape so you can tape your template down or hold onto it to steady it while placing your jar in place.

  • Place Template Under Jar - Place your jar onto your template making sure the edges of the jar line up with the edges of your template that you've drawn.

  • Place Wicks in Jar - Simply place your wick(s) inside the wick circle you've drawn on your template.

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