Candlemaking 101 - Troubleshooting...

Some common troubleshooting tips are explained below.

  • Wick Drowning - If your wick is drowning out then that means your wick is too small for your application. Try creating another tester candle with the next size larger wick. This can happen if you use a lot of dye or if the fragrance oil is a heavy one.

  • Wick Mushrooming - Some wicks will mushroom more than others, which is why it's important to test a few different types so you can find one that you like the best. Some wicks will mushroom if the wick is too large for your application so you can try using a smaller wick. In other cases the wick will mushroom after burning for long periods of time. I haven't found a way to completely eliminate all mushrooming, but there are ways to reduce the mushrooms.

  • Wick Smoking - Again, some wicks will smoke more than others. Some ways to reduce wick smoking is to make sure it's not too large for your application. Another thing you should try is to use less fragrance oil and dye since sometimes overload of dye or scent can also create more smoking. Furthermore, the wick itself might need to be trimmed shorter or trimmed before each burn.

  • Can't Smell Candle - First you must realize that each wax will come with guidelines that state how much fragrance oil the wax itself can absorb. Remember, wax is like a sponge and can only absorb a certain amount of fragrance oil. As stated in other areas of our site, the larger the meltpool, the greater the scent throw will be, in most cases. So you need to be realistic about your expectations on how large of an area you want your candle to throw. A 4" diameter jar will usually smell stronger than a small 2" votive candle.

    If your candle is burning properly (reaching a full meltpool) and you still can't smell it, then it could be either the quality of the fragrance oil or you didn't use enough fragrance oil. Not all fragrance oils work well in all types of waxes, which is yet another reason to keep testing those candles.

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