Candlemaking 101 - Testing Introduction...

Candle testing is one of the most important and necessary aspects of creating a candle. Some important things to remember include:

  • You should never give away or sell a candle until it's been fully tested. Even if you aren't making money on the candle, you are liable for it because you created it. So it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to testing.

  • Always test the exact same candle you intend to give away or sell. This means that if you plan to sell a 16 oz. apothecary jar candle with dye, then you should fully test a candle in that size with dye for that particular FO. You need to do this because dye and FO does affect how the candle will burn.

  • You will need to test every FO you intend to carry. As mentioned in other areas of this site, each FO can affect how the candle burns and could require a different size wick. This may mean you need to create any number of testers for each FO you carry before deciding which wicks produce the best possible results.

  • Never calculate burn times without actually burning the entire candle. The main reason I say this is because you cannot predict how fast the wicks will burn throughout the entire jar/container. Sometimes the wick might start out burning much faster than when it reaches the middle or end of the jar or vice versa.

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