Candlemaking 101 - Candlemaking Terms...

Some of the candle terms I will talk about in the following sections are explained below:

  • Double Boiler Method - This refers to placing your pour pot (or whatever you are melting your wax in) inside of another pan on your electric stove. The outside pan will contain water (about 2") that you will boil and eventually simmer, but the water will never come in contact with your wax since it's inside your poor pot. You can prop your pour pot (or inside pan) on a metal cookie cutter or another metal object to elevate it further from your heat source if you wish. Make sure the water never runs dry or your wax could become too hot. Also make sure you closely monitor the temperature of your wax.

  • EO - Abbreviation for "Essential Oil".

  • FO - Abbreviation for "Fragrance Oil".

  • Full Meltpool - This refers to the meltpool reaching all the edges of the candle container and is usually 1/4" - 1/2" deep, depending on your wax.

  • Liquify - This refers to the candle melting (becoming like liquid) due to the heat of the flame from wick(s).

  • Low/High Melt Point Wax - This refers to the temperature that the wax will become liquid. The melt point of a wax determines what types of candles are best suited for it.

  • Meltpool - Area that melts from the heat of the flame from your candle wick(s). The larger the meltpool, the stronger the scent throw because it's the melted area that pushes the scent into the air.

  • OOB - Abbreviation for "Out of the Bottle". This means smelling the fragrance oil before actually using it in an application.

  • Presto Pot/Kitchen Kettle - This can be used to melt wax since the electric heating source is enclosed in the pot. You do not add water - but place your wax directly inside the Presto Pot. The Presto Pot actually looks like a crock pot/deep fryer combo, but make sure you purchase the one with the temperature control dial so you can correctly adjust the temperature for your melting wax. These Presto Pots can be found at your nearest Wal-Mart for around $20.00 - $30.00, depending on your area.

  • Scent Throw - Refers to the fragrance oil (scent of the candle) permeating the air.

  • Tare - This feature can be found on scales. Tare means that you can weigh something on the scale, then press the "Tare" button and it will zero out. For example, you can weigh your wax easily by first placing your pour pot on the scale, then press the "Tare" button so the scale zeros out. Then you can add your wax and the scale will only register the weight of your wax, not the pour pot itself. This is very handy for adding individual ingredients that each need to be weighed out.

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