Candlemaking 101 - Safety Precautions...

It's very important to keep safety in mind when making candles. You should be aware of what the flashpoint is of the fragrance oil, the candle wax, and any additives you might use so you can take the necessary precautions. Most suppliers will provide MSDS sheets or information on their websites, and if they don't, then you can always email them for this information.


  • Never heat/melt wax on direct heat. Two options you can use include the double boiler method or you can purchase a Presto Pot/Kitchen Kettle (from Wal-mart), but make sure you buy the electric one with a temperature control.

  • Keep a fire extinguisher within reach. Never use water on a wax fire since liquid wax reacts like an oil. You can extinguish the fire much like you would any other oil type fire by placing the lid on the pan, or by using flour or baking soda if you don't have a fire extinguisher.

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