Candlemaking 101 - Color Mixing...

You can easily use the 3 primary colors of red, blue, and yellow along with Black to create many other colors. Some examples are shown below:

Red + Yellow = Orange
Blue + Yellow = Green
Red + Blue = Purple
Red + Black = Burgundy

You can also create pastels or other shades of each color by adjusting the amount of dye you use. Adding Black to your colors will also give you a wide range of possibilities also.

A quick and easy way to test your candle color is to add your color to your candle wax and then place a drop on white paper so when it cools you'll see the color your candle will actually be. Colors will appear much darker in hot wax than what they really are.

Have some fun experimenting and see what colors you can come up with! Just remember to take good notes so you can duplicate your results later.

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